Our Story

Making things grow has always been important to me. Some of my earliest and most treasured memories start the summer my grandfather took me to buy my first seeds. We went home, and he showed me how to hoe the earth and plant and water and care for the seedlings. I took care of those plants all summer long and at the end of the season, enjoyed the bounty. That summer and my time in the garden with my grandfather instilled in me an appreciation of hard work and a love of making things grow.

It all started with a wedding…

I never really thought about being a flower farmer. Whitney planted the seed when her face lit up at the sight of the bouquet I grew and arranged for her for our wedding day. After that, everything fell into place. Kati owned a beautiful piece of property in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and had always wanted to do something with it. The idea of a flower farm appealed to her and together we got busy. Sevier Blumen was born and it has taken off at an unimaginable pace thanks to our wonderful community of local florist, our beautiful brides, and our market customers who keep coming back for more flowers!

Between the three of us, we boast four degrees in horticulture, but we continue to learn and improve what we do. Every day we strive to provide the freshest, most beautiful flowers possible. Our favorite part of any day is to see the smiles our flowers encourage in people at the farmer’s market, florists when we drive up with a delivery, or a bride on her wedding day.

We love watching our kids run through the fields of flowers. They help us harvest (sort of) and make us laugh (always). We are very blessed. We love what we do and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Robin is the farm manager as well as our head designer. He knows what’s blooming in the field and loves to share his knowledge with others. He’s the face at the farmer’s markets and the one who’ll answer the phone.

Whitney is behind the scenes, answering emails, chasing after little farmers, and making sure everything stays organized.

Kati’s passion for flowers inspires us in all we do. Without her, there would be no Sevier Blumen.

Valkyrie is our newest flower farmer. She brings lots of smiles and reminds us to take a break every once in a while.

Bo enjoys spending time on the farm. He’s causing a bit less mischief these days and becoming much more helpful moving rocks, digging holes, and even helping construct our newest high tunnel.